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In your relationship, you're lucky enough to treat each other as equals and depend on one another in just the right amount. This is a union that has the cosmos' blessing, congrats.

He or she is the one that brings strength and the means, while you're the one that has the creative energy. This means that thanks to this person's influence, you're able to make this inspiration become a reality.

The social and material power that you have together will help with so many projects that you want to carry out. Purchasing a home, starting a family, or working together every day at the same company, are all things that you already do, or that you've been dreaming of together.

Being together will help you to discover so many new interests in life that will keep you motivated and on the same path.


You'll use your best judgment today, and everything will seem harmonious. If you run your own business, the cosmic panorama is favorable for innovation and all kinds of updates.

If your company is located in a physical place, watch out for your internet presence. You might have to invest some money in hiring a community manager that knows how to handle social networks and your position on the web. Nowadays if a company isn't online, it might as well not exist at all!

Young Libras should seriously consider becoming entrepreneurs. The current state of the economy makes it hard to work in the field that you studied. If you don't find a job, make it!


You need a cool head and self-control to keep calm, Libra. You may love working with the public, but you're especially sensitive to people's residual energy.

To free yourself from these ties and regain your sense of harmony, the cosmos suggest that Libras take a dip in the ocean. Or, if you can't do this, use bath salts to clean your psychological impurities.

Lavender salts are the most highly recommended for you.