Libra Magic Horoscope for November 23

Daily Prediction for Friday
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Don't get discouraged if you find out for sure that the person that you're head over heels for is seeing other people too. In the end, you two weren't anything serious...

You just came into their life: it's understandable if someone previously occupied this space in their heart! (or bed)

These days it's hard to come by people that don't sporadically meet up with their exes even after ending their relationship with them.

Be patient! Show that you're available and a totally chill person. This will have your crush falling for you in no time. You'll become a genuine person to them if you avoid their demand for affection, Libra.

If you're already in a formal relationship, you guys need to miss each other a little bit. If you always do everything together, there's no mystery, and the attraction could die.

Human beings are like this; there needs to be balance in everything that we do and a lot of it, it's exhausting!


At your workplace, you'll run into some unpleasant truths. For example, giving more isn't always the right thing to do.

Always helping someone over and over again, isn't just exhausting, it also hurts them since they will never learn to do things on their own.

Also, if you're always too hard on yourself when it comes to your work, then you start to lose perspective. Your quality of life goes downhill. Work to live, never live to work.

If you're unemployed, don't depend on the person that told you that they could pull some strings for you. Keep moving because all signs point to this person being full of it, Libra.


As crazy as your daily life may be, try to get some fresh air. Your vitamin D levels are low lately since you haven't been getting enough of the sun's natural light. You should keep this in mind especially if you work night shifts.

But don't go to extremes either, Libra. If you do this, you'll end up with a sunburn. If you've already got a sunburn, you can relieve the pain with cold compresses where your skin is red.