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Libra Horoscope for 23 September

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You have the power of seduction in your gaze. Look shamelessly, go because you want to. Why would you have to conform to anything less?

Rejection isn't in your head, because if they turn you down, it will be an adverse circumstance. Take care of yourself, improve as a person, and after a few months, get back in touch with them. They will be so surprised by the change that they'll say yes, almost with their eyes closed.

If you want to dance, dance! Without holding yourself back. Do you want to spend your life avoiding doing the things that you want to do because you're afraid of what people might say? This is an even bigger reason to dare to do what you're unsure of.

Bravery is actively fighting against what we are afraid of, Libra.


Even if the expenses are small, in the end, they add up to a considerable amount. Start cutting back and getting rid of the services that you don't use.

Expenses will be necessary in this case. So, you've got no other option but to face what's coming philosophically. In the end, the day is coming up where you'll fill your checking account once again.

Maybe it's about time for you to ask for a raise because you can't remain stuck in this financial position and your job is poorly paid.

If you're looking for a job, don't search anxiously, because desperation repels interviewers. Prepare yourself mentally with a coffee before you hand out CVs and set out with a winning attitude, Libra.


Dress to kill! Libras have an unusually keen sense when it comes to esthetic vibes. Don't ignore this important aspect because it would be like ignoring your zest for life, Libra.

Don't just put on your best clothes for special occasions; attract unforgettable moments by happily dressing the way you like to!

Scent is also essential. Use the best perfume, not for others to smell (well, that too) but most of all, do it for you.

Get some exercise, and you'll notice that doing so will improve your appearance, and your mood, as well. Enhancing your well-being is easier than you think, Libra!

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