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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 24

Your horoscope for Monday
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Tonight is the night of peace and harmony, but be careful, old reproaches might be brought to life, especially the issues of personal concern, such as politics or the roles played in intimate relationships.

Trust is something beautiful that needs to be cherished. Don’t turn it into an excuse to be rude and disrespectful to others. We all like to feel appreciated and respected.

Someone might tell an unfortunate joke tonight. Your charisma will help to muddle through and break the uncomfortable silence. Break the ice and relieve the tension for the sake of your nerves.

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You’ll feel happy because you have enough money to spend on your loved ones. You have saved well, but don’t relax, you still have a long day ahead.

Take home-made food, not only it’s the healthiest option, but it’ll also help you save some money. Try to work as though there were no tomorrow because you need to save time, you´ll be able to leave work earlier if you accomplish all your tasks effectively.

Fortunately, the day will pass smoothly and without incident. You’re lucky because it’s quite normal in these days of tension for a frustrated boss to flip and make you work overtime.

If you have just got a job, don’t be upset if you have to work tonight. You’ll have a great time attending customers! Changing your way of thinking will even light the spark between you and your colleague.


Boozing with your loved ones leads to disastrous consequences the next day. Don’t ruin what's left of your year abusing alcohol, Libra. The hangover will be very unpleasant.

Now if you insist on drinking, it might not be a bad idea to invest in quality drinks. Beware of curious children who might try the adult drink, this cannot be permitted under any circumstances.

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