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Libra Magic Horoscope for September 24

Daily Prediction for Monday
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If you want to get back together with this person from your past that has gotten back in touch with you, the cosmos confirm that you're wasting your time. You really don't want to be single, do you?

Have you forgotten everything that happened between the two of you? Don't be like this human being that wants to stumble twice onto your path with the same stone. There are other more interesting "stones" out there to make mistakes with, Libra.

Also, your ex has most likely gotten back in touch with you because they want something from you or they need you to save their life. You don't need to be anyone's savior, Libra.

Who's looking out for your needs? You need an equal in life, not someone helpless. A partner on your path, and not someone dependent. Because otherwise, this person will end up becoming an impediment.


Not earning as much as you'd like will give you a headache. Things won't go as you'd expected, but at least you do something that you love.

This is the Cosmos testing you. Are you brave enough to continue on your path? Setbacks are natural opportunities for growth, Libra.

You can make the most of this time to innovate and be creative. In the end, you don't have anything to lose, and you have a lot to win. Let the rough sea serve you in the process of trial and error.

You'll get excellent results from this period of mental activity, Libra.


Feeling down in the dumps due to circumstances that you consider unfavorable to you, is a sad reality in your case. No one can change the way that they feel, unfortunately. The heart does as it pleases...

But you can change the way that you interpret what you experience. Instead of thinking that everything is exceptionally dull, why don't you try to do something with friends? In the end, this will be much more beneficial than laying down on the sofa.

Beware, you could take a fall today, or in the coming days. Watching your step would be a good idea.

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