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You're convinced that this is the love of your life, but sometimes you're surprised by the way that this person treats you. Alright, so, even if you keep loving them, you can't tolerate this kind of behavior just because of a certain feeling. You need to set some limits.

You need to start giving people the silent treatment when they don't show the slightest bit of interest in you. Otherwise, you'll end up feeling like a broken toy that no longer has a purpose. You give and give but you don't seem to get what you deserve in return, Libra.

Make exciting plans with people that you don't see often. You need to water and weed these relationships whether they're with friends or family members.

Some of your friends might complain because you spend too much time with your partner. It's about time you give them the pleasure of your presence, don't you think? They miss you.

If you learn to value yourself, you'll give others an idea of how they should be treating you.


Do you feel like you're less capable than you used to be? This is a difficult feeling to describe... Pluto will be in a compromising position with Mercury which will bring out your insecurities related to your mental capacities.

This will only be worse if you are unemployed at the moment. We all have demons inside and you might get to know them up close and personal.

The cosmos suggest that you contemplate these thoughts and come to understand why you feel this way. But, you shouldn't give them more energy and attention than they deserve.

Take a look at your shadow without letting it invade you completely. You also have a lot to offer and soon you'll find what you were looking for.


Biting your fingernails is a nervous habit, but there could also be another underlying meaning beyond this.

Your first reaction might be to feel bad and wish that you didn't have this bad habit. You'd love to have beautiful long fingernails, and for people to stop judging you based on the appearance of your fingers.

Maybe it's time to feel all of this vulnerability. In these situations, it's important to understand what's causing this anxiety and to overcome these stressful moments.