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When you fall in love, the first thing you want to do is get together with this person that you're crazy about, and you expect to feel the same way about them for your entire life.

But, once you live together, you'll realize that things don't work this way. Maybe you made the mistake of overidealizing your partner, Libra.

You're in for a wake-up call if you put unrealistic expectations on your relationship. But you still can't help yourself! You're on your way to making the same mistakes with your new partner.

You should be enthusiastic about a budding romance. However, if you believe that things are going to be 'perfect,' you're bound to be disappointed and helpless when you can't find a solution.

Accept the fact that this person could make mistakes and have weaknesses. Fall in love with these imperfections! The authentic version of this person has a lot to offer you as well.


Libras with creative jobs will have a hard time finding new inspirations for their work.

This crisis might be a good thing. This temporary block may be preparing you for new ideas without you even knowing it.

Ease this process by taking the time to get cultured. Go to a museum exhibit that you're interested in - read books on new topics, listen to new music...

You'll be full of ideas in no time - you'll come up with ingenious things, it will be like an erupting volcano! However, don't forget to have a pencil and paper in hand so that nothing gets past you.


The first day of the week will set the tone for your thoughts in the days to come. It's a good idea to do an exercise to stabilize your routine.

Since today is Sunday, take note of this for tomorrow, so that you remember that a positive attitude is vital for your well-being for the entire week.