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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 26

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Magic Horoscope wants to warn you about a person who’s trying to come into your life. Watch out, this is not their true nature.

Por mucho que tengas tus intenciones claras y estas sean honestas, la otra persona perseguirá unos intereses muy diferentes a los tuyos. A veces pecas de ingenuo y luego pasa lo que pasa, que te cierras al amor.

Although your intentions are very clear and honest, that other person is chasing after very different interests. Sometimes you’re too naïve, and it ends up with you closing the door on love.

Do toxic people ring a bell to you? They don’t really want anything serious with you but they love keeping you on tenterhooks, claiming almost all your attention. Don’t waste your time on such people.

The sooner you cut this person off, the more probabilities you have to meet the right person who won’t be afraid of commitment and will treat you the way you deserve, Libra.

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There’s a big and important job in the horizon which requires your collaboration. You’ll have to demonstrate your abilities of organization, coordination and planning.

You are totally capable of this challenge, you just have to keep your cool and take more time to think about preparatory steps before turning them into action.

It’s always worthwhile to inform yourself and refresh your knowledge.


There are different types of headaches but the one Libra suffers from is the most difficult to explain. It’s like a squeezing pain on both sides of the head and sometimes on nape and neck.

It usually gets worse towards the end of the day, as you may well know. However, today it’s going to be worse than usual.

Before you take any medicine that may affect your liver, put a cold towel on your forehead or nape, have a hot bath and, above all, rest and get enough sleep, Libra.

Keep calm in stressful situations and now that the new year is coming, make it routine to do exercise like walking or riding a bike.