Libra Forecast for November 26

Libra Magic Horoscope for Monday
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Your heart is as cold as ice right now. Something has happened with your lover, a change of feelings that will keep things from going back to how there were before.

This is the problem with giving your heart away to someone volatile that flows with the wind and moves on to win someone else's heart at the slightest sign of any problem.

You need to wake up ASAP because this person isn't going to change. Actually, they're probably back together with their ex right now, but they don't even have the guts to tell this to your face unless you insist on knowing the truth.

Their cold, distant behavior should be enough to let you know that this person is no longer emotionally available to you. In a way, this is actually for the best, Libra. You deserve so much better.


Losing money is inevitable, don't let this bring you down though! Just think that as long as you have the job, everything that you've lost will find its way back into your hands. It would be worthless to go around sobbing because there's no solution.

Next time, make sure that you start working on building up your savings, this way you'll be prepared the next time if unexpected situations come up. It isn't a good idea to constantly go around asking for loans from friends and family...

The zodiac has hit you hard this time, but compensation will be just around the corner. It comes as quickly as it goes! This money could be related to aquatic environments or thanks to your incredible imagination.


Do you keep losing your keys, lately? They seem to grow feet and walk away! Don't worry, Libra, you can be scatterbrained at any age. This doesn't mean that you're having memory problems or anything like that.

The problem is that distractions can be costly if you aren't careful. There are a few tricks that you can try if you want to avoid always being up in the clouds. For example, if you have something important to do, leave yourself little notes as a reminder.

There are also foods that reinforce memory, like those that are rich in phospholipids, that help to improve connections between neurons. To do this, add quinoa, spinach, beets, and sardines to your diet; you won't regret it.