Libra Daily Horoscope
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You'll make the most of being single today (if you aren't in a relationship). You'll do whatever you feel like without having to explain yourself to anybody. This is something that you just love to do.

Your way of doing things always leads you to improvise and this brings you marvelous surprises. This time won't be any different! Right now Mars in conjunction with Venus will have a positive influence on you, let yourself experience pleasure...

If you want to get intimate, try using masks that keep you from seeing during your sexual encounter. This is the kind of experience that you love! You'll go absolutely crazy with desire, Libra.


"An eye for an eye" is always our first response due to our primal nature, but Libra, you should think more and find other solutions. You will mediate a chilling conflict that will come up today in the workplace. It's your job to get everyone to put their fists down.

Besides calming the waters at work, you'll have the help of a good friend that will go out of their way so that you can reach your goals. This is something beautiful and doesn't happen every day. Make the most of this great opportunity.

Don't be afraid of a change of scenery, your ability to adapt is better than you think it is - use it! Starting is never easy, but now you have this flame burning inside that helps you to do it all.


Your inner flame is boosting your mood - however, lately, you've noticed that you have less energy. You haven't changed anything, what's going on?

Are you spending time with positive people? Or do you always have to get out the tissues when you meet up with these acquaintances?

Words are energy, and if you're constantly exposed to negative language, then your mind is being affected subconsciously by this influence.