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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 27

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
Libra Daily Horoscope |


Libra, today you will shine out with your own light among your friends! It’ll be a perfect day to spend time with your loved ones. Venus will favor everyone under the sign of Libra today.

Today is the day to do whatever you feel like doing. Tell crazy jokes, express your most original ideas, the world needs more charming people like you! Don’t be surprised if people are swirling around you all day down to the great environment you’ll create.

Be kind even to your ex although your relationship hasn’t ended on good terms. The starts are planning a casual encounter so you can discover that this relationship is the thing of the past and you are completely over it.

If your ex thought you haven’t got over him/her, they’ll be very surprised!

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You are great in handling others’ money. You are independent but people will entrust a collaborative task to you. It’s clear that Libras are number one in this.

Be faithful to your honesty. If there’s some money left, keep it for the upcoming project, you constantly have great ideas. Others will appreciate enormously you being such a good person, which is so rare these days.


Good health keeps you happy and optimistic. It’s wonderful, keep it that way, Libra! You sometimes upset the balance you achieved by treating yourself a late dinner, but otherwise life would be boring!

If you are a woman Libra, it’s time you paid a visit to gynecologist, which has to be repeated once in a while, especially if you’re over 50. It’s important you have a mammography screening every two years to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages.