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Libras need to have a lot of different experiences in love to be able to find the right partner for them eventually.

So, you shouldn't get upset if your relationship ends up falling through. It just wasn't meant to be, and now it's time to move onto the next car of this train that is life.

You need to realize that true love is a commitment that you have to work on every day. It requires willpower, and both sides must be involved. Love is not the infatuation that you experience at the beginning of a relationship, Libra.

Finding a balance between your needs and your partner's is your mission. This is also true on a sexual level where sometimes the need to satisfy your partner becomes more important than enjoying the experience yourself.


You consider yourself versatile, and you are certainly that. You can do anything, and if you're asked to do a task in an area that you're not entirely sure of, you go for it anyways without a second thought.

However, a lack of foresight could end up causing you trouble. At some point, you need to focus on creating a plan of action.

You need to organize and structure your plans - whether this is a simple task like gathering paperwork for a bureaucratic procedure or a serious life goal. 

Dreaming big is worthless if you think that you can start building the house with the roof, Libra. If you want this house to hold up in real life, you'll have to start with the foundation. This means slowly paying close attention to each step.


Are you suffering from a hopeless case of insomnia? You've tried it all - going to bed early - eating a light dinner - making your bedroom a beautiful sleep sanctuary, etc. All of this seems totally useless!

You should try meditating if you're lying awake at the crack of dawn but it's still way too early to get out of bed yet. This is a useful technique.

Meditation isn't a surefire way to fall asleep, but if you do it regularly as a chronic insomniac, after two hours of meditating you could get back that wonderful sleep that will allow you to start your day full of energy.