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Libra Forecast for September 27

Prediction for Thursday
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Even if everything is going fine, life will surprise you with a reality check. If this doesn't entirely do in your relationship, it will undoubtedly change it forever.

You may evolve together spiritually. In the end, the masks come off, and the truth comes to light. The molds of what's socially correct may be broken, and you're about to experience the sincerest relationship of your lives.

If you're single, secrets will be revealed that will unite you forever with certain friends. This cosmic influence is incredible! Pluto is doing as it pleases right now.

You don't tend to be comfortable with emotional intensity, but every once in a while you appreciate being able to vent.


You're about to be recognized; this is the recognition that you've been fighting for a long time to get now. Up until now, you have shined in meetings, and all of your coworkers agree that you are a highly efficient professional.

If you currently work in a profession related to customer service, tread carefully. A verbal dispute is coming up that will get completely out of hand. This could ruin everything. 

Judicial proceedings will go wonderfully if you are currently going through this process.

Soon a trip is coming up, which means a pause from this work that has you exhausted. Enjoy the fruits of your effort, now you're at where you wanted to be.


You feel like you're not regular, even though you eat a balanced diet. How is this possible? Constipation shouldn't be taken lightly, Libra. It affects your lifestyle.

If you have the physical factors under control, maybe this problem is pointing to situations in your life that you can't seem to digest. The digestive system is closely related to your emotions, Libra.

On an emotional level, maybe the time has come for you to accept what's happening to you, just as it is. Without trying to sugar coat it. At first, it can be painful, but it is the only way to move on with your life.

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