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You can't anticipate everything, no matter how much you go over what you're going to say in your head. You make a lot of conversations up, just imagining how the other person would answer.

On the one hand, this is a good thing...This is an activity that favors creativity, but on the other hand, it generates false expectations! Because after the conversation doesn't turn out to be nearly as exciting as you would have expected.

Before you end up disappointed, today's lesson is to go with the flow and learn to be spontaneous. Open the door to unexpected turns, and you'll be in for a pleasant surprise!


Today you'll have the opportunity to go shopping. A friend or family member will want you to go shopping with them. It would actually be great for you to get out of the daily grind and do something different.

You hadn't thought of leaving the house, and actually, your budget is tight enough as it is. 

Are you capable of going to the mall without spending a penny? This will be a challenge for you, but it could also be a fun activity: This will allow you to learn self-control and you'll be able to prove to yourself that you can have a fun time in good company without money involved.


Controlling your anxiety is vital if you want to keep your head in check. You're more anxious than you realize, and the first step is merely accepting this.

Give yourself the time and space to be yourself. You aren't your obligations, or family duties, or whatever else it is that you're supposed to be doing.

Carrying out this task satisfies you, but there's more to life than your routine, Libra. Experiment with other activities that aren't necessary for your daily life but that without a doubt feed your soul.

You should spend more time on your artistic hobbies like painting, photography, or dance, without there actually being a special occasion involved.

Make these special occasions, Libra.