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Libra Horoscope for 28 September

Your Forecast for Friday
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Reaching freedom in a relationship is also possible. More communication is necessary, and fewer assumptions about what your love is based on should be made.

Establish limits. Without a doubt, you are the one that is most aware of the fact that time isn't free. Cultivate love but from a place of moderation. In the end, your life is vast and you're aware of the fact that being in a relationship isn't everything.

In fact, family and friends will make you exciting proposals that you should pay attention to. You can go with or without your partner. Whatever you fee like! Don't be afraid of the consequences, since this is your time to be yourself, Libra.


Leave your insecurities aside when it comes time to take action, Libra. Start by taking responsibility for your actions and making decisions. This is the only way to move forward in life. Saturn will be very present today as far as work goes.

Naturally, your leadership abilities will start to shine through, ones that you had never experienced before. Today could be the beginning of a new phase where you'll feel more determined.

You'll lose your fear of making mistakes, putting your eyes on the prize. Only people that never try anything significant in their lives avoid making mistakes. Take risks and fail as many times as need be, until your mistakes become your specialties. This is the true path to success.


You should think of food like your body's fuel. Why are there so many flavors? You know all too well that supermarkets and big box stores put additives and flavor enhancers in their foods to get you addicted to them.

When you try real food, whole foods that don't contain too much sugar, your palate will no longer crave the artificial flavors that the food industry adds to their products, Libra. That's the way it is.

Keep track of what you eat and if you're going to spend a long time away from home, plan. Bring healthy foods with you, like natural yogurt, or a piece of fruit.

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