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Anger will be an optional attitude... You might hear things from your partner that you didn't want to, but you were looking for this! If you ask, don't complain when the answers don't meet your expectations.

It's crucial that you avoid seeming alarmed or surprised because then this person won't tell you anything else about their life in the future.

You need to understand that no matter what they tell you, this is in the past, it isn't up to you to act as the judge, Libra. In the end, you've probably done things that you're ashamed of today, too.

That's why it's best to act lovingly and try to understand why this person acted the way that they did at this time. This will help you to love him or her more than ever... and it will help you to win brownie points too!


You'd rather trust your luck than listen to the part of you that warns you of imminent danger, and this is something that definitely isn't right for you...

Don't let this person that's full of it fool you and make you think that with them you'll find the solution. Sometimes there's no other option but to do the work yourself, Libra.

There could be arguments with those in charge, and you could be directly involved in these battles. You might not want to be in the spotlight, but turning back in these cases would mean losing your prestige.

Keep moving forward and trusting in your values and there won't be anything that you'll regret Libra.


You're in a great moment as far as your health goes, and the planets are in harmony and willing to make this day a peaceful one.

The only problem is that certain thoughts might come up that you've been trying to avoid at all cost and now you can't get them out of your head.

Are you worried about a family member's health? In this case, you won't get very far by feeding these terrible ideas. Instead, why don't you show them that you're there to support them when they need it by visiting them? This would be much more productive than your unfounded fears.