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Your relationship is going through a phase of understanding and caring like you two have never experienced before. Even though it is Monday, you won't pass up opportunities to for caring gestures.

The only setback is that one of you might be wishing for more chances for intimacy, however, obligations and daily wear and tear could be keeping you from finding the right time.

Don't stress out - when there is true love, sooner or later intimacy will follow.

Ignore those friends that pressure you to have more sex because it seems 'weird' to them that you haven't had it in so long. Every couple is different!

Single Libra, your sexual maturity will lead you to value quality before quantity. Your sex life might be at a standstill right now, but this doesn't mean that you should go looking elsewhere. The wait will be worth it, patience.


A lot of effort and determination when it comes to carrying out your projects will frustrate you when an obstacle on your path lasts longer than expected. If you don't know how to release this energy that's eating you, you'll feel defeated.

Before you give up, reconsider your attitude. Did you do everything that you could? Getting so worked up could keep you from seeing other possibilities or alternatives.

Once you calm down, you'll know how to make better decisions, Libra. Don't lose this flame you've got, but don't let it take over either!


The fear inside of you is settling in your body. This is contraction, which is precisely the opposite of love - pure expansion. When you're afraid to feel, the kidneys react by creating stones, nephritis, etc.

Likewise, you could be going through a urinary tract infection related to this fear. Complaining also affects your kidneys.

Face the situations that you're so fearful of. This can only bring you benefits: curing yourself of your ailments and learning to be stronger doesn't sound bad at all!