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Libra Magic Horoscope for December 3

Daily Prediction for Monday
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Do you send them all kinds of signs, yet they still aren't catching on? Neptune's interaction with Venus makes all sorts of misunderstandings happen. Seduction won't go as well as you'd like.

Now the question is whether you're being clear enough with this person for them to understand your motives, Libra.

You're a pro when it comes to being subtle, but sometimes this isn't what you need to get what you want. Not everyone is as sharp as you are, Libra.

If you're straightforward and ask this person on a date and they still blow you off, then there's nothing left that you can do...

You can be sure that your transparency will be attractive to this special someone, especially if they're an air sign like you, Libra.


You spend so much time planning your budget, but why? In the end, you just spend your money on whatever you feel like!

At work, you were never really into using an agenda, and as a student, you weren't either. But your tasks will reach a new more complicated level that will require you to use this resource to put your ideas in order so that you can get everything that you need to do done before the deadline.

There are online time management tools that will be particularly useful for Libras that are in the communications sector.

Your finances will start moving since you'll have little strokes of luck throughout the day that will leave your pockets a bit fuller than yesterday. This is why you need to control your impulses now more than ever and adhere to the plans! Don't get too comfortable.


Are you worried about the little splotches on your skin? Prolonged sun exposure, pollution, and liver disorders are the main cause of this esthetic problem, Libra.

Aloe vera gel has hydrating and healing properties that can improve the skin's health. Adding a little bit of lemon juice to this is a great way to reduce the appearance of spots and acne.

It's important to remember that you might not see results after the first application. Choose the option that seems best for your skin and make it a part of your routine to see results over time.

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