Libra Daily Horoscope
Libra Daily Horoscope |


You put too much pressure on your partner or the person you're dating, and this makes them close in on themselves even more. Your insistence bothers them, and this is something that you'll see proof of today since they'll turn down one of your plans.

Now's the time to tone things down a notch and keep your distance. Let them know that you're still there, but that if they want something, they'll have to come to look for you. With the right attitude, you'll go from being demanding to a prize that needs to be cherished.

This advice also leads to excellent results with those that have a stable partner. You shouldn't take anything for granted, keep the spark of passion alive by playing hard to get, Libra.


Ignoring your intellectual side may be leading to a lack of job and financial opportunities. This is awful for an air sign like Libra!

It's time to set aside your busy social life to take care of what's going on in your head. What do you already know? What would you like to know? Why? Your goal is most likely a more stimulating job opportunity.

By toning things down a notch and maintaining your natural sense of balance, the opportunity that will bring you to your dream job will appear.

Going back to school could also bring you good fortune since you're highly likely to meet a benefactor that will support and believe in you. This is more helpful than you could imagine, Libra!


How your food is made could impact your health. A natural tomato isn't the same as the kind you find in a can of tomato sauce. Don't be fooled, in the latter case, the amount of addictive and harmful substances for your health is alarming.

When you consume fresh foods, you absorb positive energy from them, and this benefits your daily life and mood. Eating these foods will make you feel healthier, lighter, more clear-headed, and even more productive.

On the other hand, consuming foods and drinks that have a negative vibe can lead to rage, aggressiveness, health conditions, and other life-long problems. It's worth putting more raw natural foods in your shopping basket.