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All of your relationships fail because you try to reach an ideal that doesn't exist. Think hard about this, Libra. How long did your longest relationship last. Why did you break up with this person? When faced with the smallest setback, you just take off running.

But it isn't your fault. There is a lot of environmental pressure from the media, to satisfy the demands of your ego. "If they don't do this for me or if they don't behave this way, then it must not be right."

We treat people like merchandise, instead of asking ourselves what they need from us. Are you giving as intensely as you're expecting to receive?

Inspect this relationship that you're planning to end closely before you decide to take that step. Since this problem will repeat itself, no true love will be able to make its way into your heart. Especially if you abandon ship at the first sign of trouble...!


Do your bosses constantly ask you to do tasks that aren't in your job description? They know that they can ask you to do whatever they want. Since you're a good person, you feel like it would be wrong to disobey orders coming from your superiors.

You should know that being a good person isn't equivalent to being a slave. You have the right to work doing the job that's written in your contract. 

If they want favors, then they should start treating you better. It isn't like they approve the few requests that you do make anyways. Like that schedule change that they denied you, right?

Stop being submissive to authorities, Libra. Value yourself a little more. Your coworkers might be making a lot more than you to do the same tasks, do something about this!


You have questions about the future and you're constantly trying to to get ahead. You have a lot of sleepless nights where you just contemplate. 

You won't get much out of this attitude. Anxiety and unrealistic thoughts come from all of this senseless worrying.

The only time that you can intervene is in the now. This might sound cheesy to you, but it isn't. Living in the moment isn't just deep meditation.

You also have to know how to stop your mind and clear the fog from your head once you realize that certain thoughts are totally unjustified.