Libra Daily Horoscope
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You're very prone to being hit by arrows, and it seems like Cupid always has bow and arrow pointed towards you. You're about to meet someone extraordinary that will leave you far from indifferent.

Maybe you missed the opportunity to contact him or her because things went so well between the two of you that you totally forgot to ask them their number, oh goodness!

But don't worry because destiny will put you on this person's path once again. Make sure that you don't miss out on the opportunity this time! If you have friends in common, this will be key, so ask about your crush without any fear, Libra.


A practical spirit and intelligence capable of focusing on anything that you set your mind to, are gifts that Mercury will bless you with over the course of today.

You'll also have to listen to your intuition, especially when the time comes to resolve a problem of an emotional nature at the workplace.

It is essential that you open yourself to new work experiences, whether they're large or small since these will help you to grow both as a professional as well as on a personal level.

Get your heart to start working for your brain; this is the cosmos advice for you today, Libra.


If this unwellness persists a few days from now, don't put it off for any longer, because your health has to be your top priority. Prove that you can take care of yourself without magnifying the problem.

You'll feel tired, and you won't know exactly why. It's best that you don't overthink this; try to recuperate strength at the end of your workday.

Today and over the course of the next few days there's a risk of unwanted pregnancies if you're a woman, and if you're a man, your female partner could be pregnant, and this is something that not even she has noticed for the time being.