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Don't put off things that you know won't get you anywhere, this is the most important message from the cosmos today for Libras! Uranus, the planet of individualism and defiance, shines powerfully in the heavens right now.

Relationships that don't help you to grow spiritually, only promote attachment that drags you down in all of the experiences that you have yet to go through. Being with someone that isn't on the same page as you are is a mistake that you tend to make.

So, if you're honest with yourself, you'll take measures, before things get worse. Breakups are always painful, but it's better to go through with them while keeping a cool head than to wait for things to get dramatic, right?

If you aren't in a serious relationship, but you are dating, the love affairs that you've been feeding off of for a while now will probably come to an end.


Interdependence and shared goals are the keys to getting work done. Teamwork is more important than you may realize.

The best part is that today you'll be exceptionally talented when it comes to putting your head together with others. If you have never tried it before, you'll see how easy it is to make yourself understood. As an air sign, communication is your strength!

Today you'll meet a person with a certain amount of power, that you hadn't seen for a while now. Take your time in saying hello to them and being cordial, because something good could come out of this encounter...


Esthetic changes sometimes also come about because a person is going through problems. For example, Libras are highly prone to breathing problems, since their sign is associated with the lungs.

If you're having issues with your nose, an operation is something that will have beneficial effects on your health, and will also help you to find the necessary support from your people to go through with it. 

For this very reason, you need to quit smoking starting now, because you won't be able to be exposed to smoke at all later, and abandoning this habit will be harder later Libra.