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Libra Forecast for December 6

Libra Magic Horoscope for Thursday
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You're going to meet a very eloquent and intelligent person that will play a leading role in your life. You're highly attracted to this kind of person. They seduce you with their minds (although you don't mind if they come wrapped up in a nice package either).

Obviously, if you're single you'll try as hard as you can to make things happen between you two. But, be careful, because this person isn't easily impressed, and they might just put you into the category with people they have no interest in if you seem too clingy or get ahead of yourself.

Keeping a calm attitude and deep conversation will be the two aphrodisiacs that you need when it comes to interacting with your 'crush.' Make sure that you don't forget about this when you cross paths with them!

If you're in a relationship, the opposite will probably happen since someone will try to seduce you. Beware since this could bring a lot of problems; this person will insist.


If you do your work and you make sure that others do theirs well, you'll be able to build something stable and long-lasting. This will be especially relevant for those Libras out there that own their own businesses.

Show off your strong points, like teamwork! Libra is a sign that is great when it comes to collaborating with other trusted colleagues since their wide scope allows them to use all of the information that they collect to create a highly useful broader vision.

Let your dreams in life shine through in your conversations. If you do this, you'll appear even more attractive to possible investors or people that will be willing to help out with your cause.

It isn't always a good idea to put all of your words through a logical filter. That's so boring!


Are you feeling blue? Your sad state has an easy solution. Express everything that you can't put into words by taking part in a creative exercise.

Writing will do you wonders. If the blank page overwhelms you, once you grab the pencil, just write whatever first comes to mind -this will be incredibly liberating. This will help you to analyze your thoughts more effectively.

Or, if you prefer, carry an amethyst stone with you. This mineral will help you to connect to your spiritual side and to discover an unknown side of yourself.

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