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You'll decide that you want a partner and a lover. You feel an emotional intensity that is impossible to satisfy with just one person... This is a problematic decision!

Has the time come to open up the relationship? Let the other parties decide. It's their right. Take this weight off of your shoulders, why contribute to this spiral of suffering? If this person truly loves you, they will understand your needs. Life is too short to be fake.

You're usually afraid to try new alternative routes, but love always finds a way. This experience could be one of the most transcendental moments in your relationship. Take off your mask for once and for all!


At work someone that seemingly has good intentions may envy you. This person doesn't wish you well! Find out who this is and stay away from them as much as possible. You shouldn't expose yourself to these negative energies, Libra.

You should also stop the people that ask you a lot about your income and how you manage your money in their tracks. This matter is none of their business, and they may not have good intentions.

The less you reveal about your financial matters, the less likely it is that someone will interfere negatively in them, in the end.

However, there is more for you in the stars today beyond suspicion and scheming. Unemployed Libras will also have the opportunity to make contacts that will help to get them suitable jobs.


It wouldn't be a bad idea to use sunscreen today since excess sun exposure could lead to problems. Venus suggests that you take better care of your skin; both for the sake of your health and because you deserve to look radiant, Libra.

By consuming the right vitamins and minerals, you can take care of your skin from the inside out. In this respect, the carrot is an undervalued food. Thanks to its vitamin A content, besides preserving vision, it also reduces flabbiness and wrinkles!

Besides this, nothing else will weaken your state of health. Congrats.