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Libra Horoscope for 7 December

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Your strength is waning... Are you confused about which way to go? Today the logic of your feelings will get put through a strainer. This always confuses you because your heart has motives that reason can't make sense of...

A fear that you haven't been able to overcome will keep you from moving forward. Just think about what this might be since this is what is holding you back.

When you delve into these problems, you'll find a love stronger than a thousand suns within you. When it touches your skin, you'll feel the infinite warmth of two connected souls.

Overcoming your obstacles will help the person that you love to evolve as well. You two are together to enjoy life but also to work on personal issues.


A lack of experience in this new job will make you feel helpless. What can you do! This feeling is far from unreasonable.

You need to get informed and do your part. Start to dive deeper into your profession, but of course, be patient with yourself.

This job is a means of spiritual development. There will be a point when you can't remember what things were like before this job. This could also be a way to achieve transcendence.

The cosmos predict that you'll be able to adapt to your new circumstances successfully. You can breathe easy, Libra! A new phase of your life is beginning that will stand out in your conscience.


We've all felt unappreciated or ugly at one point or another. Beauty standards exist to constantly remind us of our imperfections, whether this is on TV, in magazines...

You don't have to prove anything to anyone. Society's goal is to put a price on outer appearances.

You need to listen to yourself and your own values. That voice that tells you that it's better to be a decent person than to be well dressed, yet ignorant and superficial.

Accept and love yourself from a point of self-respect and doing what's best for your body. Real beauty is the reflection of kindness in good deeds.

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