Libra Daily Horoscope
Libra Daily Horoscope |


Make your ideas count, Libra. If you always do what your partner tells you to, just because, then what kind of love is that? Healthy relationships are based on mutual understanding and sharing ideas.

You get carried away with being diplomatic and then you find yourself in undesirable situations. Why are you eating pizza when you were dying for Chinese food?

A rebellious attitude is kind of sexy. The cosmic influence invites you to contradict the person that usually tells you what to do. This is a healthy practice for your heart and mind, Libra.

This person will get the message that they can't just tell you to do whatever they want and it was about time for this.


Everything that is planted should be sowed and used, otherwise it will go bad. The New Moon in Libra invites you to contemplate the following: Are you using your resources in the best possible way?

You're overeducated for your current career and you're not earning as much as you could. Just think of all of the efforts that you put into gaining all of the knowledge that you have! Don't let this go to waste.

Life may seem like an uphill battle, but tomorrow is always a new day. If you work on it every single day, you will be able to find that dream job. But first, you'll have to work hard to discover it...

If you move, you'll find the perfect opportunity. Sometimes you just can't afford to stay stagnant in the same place. The cosmos reveal that a nomadic lifestyle awaits you, and even more so than you thought... Opportunities for Libras are out there in this big world.


If you were waiting for the right time to work on your health habits, to stop smoking, to start a healthier life, then you're in luck! Today is the best day for this.

Other people that you care about might just get on the health and well-being wagon with you. That's fantastic! You can support one another when it comes down to reaching your goals. You will be the one that reaps the most benefits from this, Libra.

Go out for a run or do healthy activities with the people that share your goals whenever you can. If you do this, you all will see incredible results in your lives.