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Libra Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday’s Libra Forecast
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If you're in a relationship, today you and your partner will feel the need to be independent. You usually do everything together, but today will be different.

You and your partner will take a progressive approach in facing any situation or problem that comes up and your relationship will be lively and positive today.

You might even be feeling a bit rebellious due to Uranus's influence on Libra natives.

Today you'll enjoy love in a creative and anti-conventional way. After today, you'll feel like you can truly be yourself with this person since you'll have the opportunity to show them all of your different aspects. You're so lucky, Libra!

Single Libras will also enjoy this day since Uranus's erratic energies will bring them fleeting yet intense encounters...


On your day off, your first impulse will be to relax and enjoy your time as much as possible, and you'll have the chance to do this, Libra.

But, you should also use some of this time to work on your weaknesses, Libra. Otherwise, Monday will come and you'll be overwhelmed by a mountain of work.

Unexpected events will come up that will stress you out. That's why the cosmos recommend that you get done everything that you can today or you could think of more efficient ways of doing your work. Today will be perfect for studying, you'll really be able to focus.

You are full of energy, enthusiasm, and you'll have a good attitude towards work, but too much optimism and unrealistic desires could get in your way when it comes to working your way up the corporate ladder. Once you set your mind to it, you'll have it, Libra!


Masculine Libras will face very specific problems according to the cosmos, related to their backs. The pain will be intense, so make sure to have pain relievers on hand. Complications from the past will return, even if it's just for a very short time.

Your mood will be like a rollercoaster. The moon will have a negative impact on Libras. If you're a woman, you might need to slow down your pace a little during this time. Make sure you get more sleep and stay hydrated... Staying at home wouldn't be a bad idea and make sure to stay comfortable.

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