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An excellent week for Libras when it comes to love. Why? Because of the creative energy that will radiate from you. In the face of the difficulties that could come up, your best weapon will be smiling at your partner and everyone else around you. You're a ray of sunshine! 

Under this positive cosmic influence, you won't have any choice but to let go of those that you no longer have a connection with in your life. Lose the drama, Libra. You know too well that this is what's best for both parties.

The only risk may be in the passion overflowing in such a way that you may get ahead of yourself and make risky decisions. Even this will be a good thing! What would life be without a little bit of recklessness?

Single Libras will enjoy themselves in passionate encounters. Opportunities in love will come knocking at your door. It's understandable! Your charm is surging during Libra's month in the Sun.


Harmony and good performance will be with you in everything that you do in the professional realm. This will also be evident in your relationship with your coworkers. You will be a key piece when it comes to maintaining a positive work environment.

Your creativity will save you if you've been stuck trying to figure out how to get through a financial problem. You'll suddenly see new sources of income that had never occurred to you before. Your change in mindset will change your life.

Remember when you used to be so into reading? The time has come to take this up again since your innovative spirit will help you to make progress.


Spending so much time around people has its downfalls... You end up picking up the residual energy from the people around you. As much as you enjoy listening, you can't avoid it.

That's why this week it would be a good idea to take a bath with some relaxing scented bath salts. This is something that will recharge your batteries and put you in a good mood again. What? Libras don't like to relax? Maybe you should try it more often!

You'll get more involved in exercise again. You'll be more energetic after recovering from an illness, and interestingly enough, this will make you want to energize your body even more.