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Libra Weekly Prediction for 24-30 September

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You're in a rush to get back into a relationship. However, you have the urge to get back with your ex. You were sure that you wanted to be alone for a good long while, Libra!

Deception is assured. The past should stay in the past, where it belongs. However, you're the only one that will realize this. 

Someone will come into your life that will fill you with light and hope. However, this person won't necessarily end up being your partner. This occurrence could lead to a deep friendship with someone of your sex or the opposite.

Their unconventional way of thinking will captivate you. This special person stands out among the rest of the people that you know because they seem to be on their own wave-length, always shining. 

This Sunday will be fun if you meet up with friends. Whether you're single or in a relationship, there will be a couple of people that will be hopelessly attracted to you. You drive people mad, Libra!


You'll feel that there is a disparity in your income if you're a Libra that's a freelancer.

Libra, you can either fall down or make the most of this situation to figure out what's wrong and nip this problem in the bud. Hardship is a great teacher and serves to keep you awake in one way or another...

Be careful, if you work with the public the environment could be a bit shook up. A client that's having a bad day could give you a really hard time. Arm yourself with patience because you'll need it.

You'll need to be more empathetic towards a boss of yours that is new, this person has great ideas, although due to their lack of experience, they may not know the best way to make them come to life.


You'll have the chance to experiment with your emotions and thoughts, to make them listen to you, instead of being a slave to these people. It will be very liberating for your mind when you realize that everything depends on how you look at the situation.

Everything comes in good time. Don't make the mistake of being too intellectual when you're with your partner or friends. These are the moments when you should plug your heart into a metaphorical amplifier. Express your emotions!

Focus on your routine at all times; it's there to make sure your life is comfortable. If your body doesn't cause you problems, and you don't have muscle pain or bones that are out of place, you're truly fortunate.

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