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As loving as you may be feeling, your partner won't be very receptive at the start of the week. This will make you feel a little blue for a couple of days...

This might be a matter of self-esteem. Because of this, you'll drift away from anyone that really wants to be by your side, because you won't believe what they say... In the end, we all get the love that we believe we deserve — nothing more and nothing less.

You should make more room in your life for your own goals and stop prioritizing relationships and others at all costs.

In spite of it all, you should act warmly towards those that you appreciate and want to be near to you, but give others more space so that they can be the ones that seek you out for a change.

Your life will be more balanced, and you'll be thankful. Over the weekend you'll find the chance to give your love free reign, and your partner will be particularly in tune with you. This day will also be perfect for single Libras to go out there and work their magic.


You'll start the week losing money, but don't despair. Focus your attention on the positive side of life since Magic Horoscope assures you that you'll earn this amount back quickly.

In fact, towards the end of the week, you'll be able to boost your finances with the help of a third party. This week you'll also finally be able to go out and purchase that item that you've been longing for. Maybe that thing that you ordered online a while ago will finally come in the mail?

Thursday will be critical in your professional realm, Libra. Important decisions will be made, and this will affect you. You won't be able to do much about this, except working your hardest. There could be staff cuts.


Do you feel scatterbrained lately? If you're always in a rush, then it's no wonder. This isn't any sort of mental problem, but this week you will be a bit more all over the place than usual.

Strengthen your memory by taking phospholipids, a trace element that's found in foods like quinoa.

You should take the initiative as far as your health goes by doing exercises to strengthen the areas of your body where you experience pain. This discomfort means that these areas are weak and gaining muscle in these areas will help to make this pain disappear.