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Your partner will understand and comfort you as long as you don't let your past take over and leave without warning. You're highly idealistic when it comes to love and it's hard to meet your expectations.

Your heart is so big that you'll go out and defend the innocent. You have a lot to add to the lives of others, not just on a material level, but also when it comes to giving emotional support.

Expect a few rough patches in the form of conflicts between others, where you'll have to play the role of the pacifier. Weird, right? But, your diplomacy will help to make things alright in the end.


This will be a lucky week as far as financial transactions go. You'll be great at figuring out where the money is and what exactly you have to do to get your hands on it.

But this doesn't get rid of the fact that during the last days of the month, you'll be moving at top speeds.

Watch out, because people will ask you for lots of favors. This will make you consider what it is that these people actually do for you. You never ask them for anything! That's life; people don't always get treated equally...

If you're looking for work, this week you'll be highly likely to find a job if you're unemployed, Libra.


Your urinary tract will be particularly sensitive this week, Libra. Are you constantly worried, but you don't do anything to fix this? An infection in this area could be your body acting out because of these thoughts...

Luckily you'll be aware of what's going on in your head, and you'll take appropriate measures to work on making these issues better.

If you need to make an appointment with a psychologist, this is the best week. You'll be highly receptive to this kind of help. You've been too strong alone for too long.

Take it slow! This is something that you definitely need to know. Otherwise, life will be too much for you to handle. Take a break every once in a while...