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A week of fun relationships but also with time to dig deeper and take some time for more 'intense' topics. Yeah, the kind that you avoid at all costs! But, this time you'll be happy because you'll be able to understand a lot of things...

Your week will be marked by freedom and unexpected events. Neptune in conjunction with Uranus will bring a mystical air to your relationship. Out of the ordinary things are bound to happen, and these will have a profound impact on you.

You'll learn about unconditional love. Understanding that sacrifice is a kind of love is something that few other signs are capable of understanding like you are.

On the other hand, be careful not to get too lost in your dreams and realize that you are projecting your excitement onto the people that you have in front of you.


Although the start of the week is a bit confusing with some changes in your tasks at work, throughout the next few days, you'll feel satisfied when you meet your goals.

Your luck will be through the roof if your profession is related to the arts. You'll find lots of people out there that are willing to help you to make your business prosper.

In spite of this prosperity, this week your challenge will be to stop eating out so much. Besides the apparent adverse effects that this has on your health, your finances are also suffering because you love your food to be served to you.

You need to save some money for the weekend because there will be too many entertaining activities and you'll have to afford them somehow, right?


The cosmos recommend that you take care if you need to drive on the highway. You might be overcome by dizziness, and this could put your life in danger.

Remember to eat a good breakfast in the morning, but avoid too much fat, otherwise, this could cause a burning sensation in your stomach. Why don't you start eating fruit instead of industrial baked goods? You can eat as much fruit as you want!

Carefully evaluate the information that you receive this week. You shouldn't trust those new treatments that promise a quick fix...