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The Libra Prediction for the Month of August

Your Libra Prediction for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Editorial Team


Love: Out with the bad!

You'll start off the month by getting rid of all of the negative energy that has been dragging you down. Without realizing it, you'd been dealing with a lot of situations that were making you unwell and now you'll do away with all of this.

Luckily this 'catharsis' won't last long. You'll get back the harmony that you've always had in love, whether you're in a relationship or not. During the first half of August, in the zodiac sign Leo's reign, you'll feel happy in the company of others.

Since you opened up to loving others, nothing that will happen will affect you in a serious way.

This could even be a reference to being able to overcome breakups very well, and that this will be better for your life. In your heart, you know that this relationship wasn't meant to be.

Sometimes life puts things on your path that you don't want, so that you later you realize it when something's really worth it, when the time comes.

Money: You'll prove your talent

The lion's month has arrived and with it, you'll catch some of this pride in the work realm. What have you been doing with all of your talents up until now? Suddenly you'll urgently want to prove that you're capable.

If you were looking for work, you'll find one that you'll feel lucky to have. It pays well, maybe it's even fun! However, this will be something passing that won't bring you far after this month.

Whatever you can save will serve as a trampoline to finally get yourself started on that personal project or to invest in resources that will improve your source of income.

Health: You'll become more spiritual

Libras during this time of the year are prone to getting colds. On an energetic level, this explains why you spend so much time doing routine tasks. 'You need to breathe'

Are you in the mood to feed your soul? Maybe it's a good time to start practicing activities like yoga or Taichi. You'll have the opportunity to try one of these free thanks to a friend or acquaintance. Open yourself up to this experience, you'll simply love it.

Getting fussy when it comes to your health, will only make things worse. Trust the treatments that your doctor tells you to go through with. You can always get second opinions, but your doubts will be unfounded.