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Full Libra Magic Horoscope for Thursday, 9th August

Full Forecast for Today, Thursday
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It will be almost as if you landed in a different dimension... Your dreams about a relationship that you thought was almost impossible, could come true!

This is a highly positive cosmic influence that will bring promising changes to your life, where everything will start to seem like it's moving towards emotional prosperity.

It could be a slow process, during which, events will happen slowly. Today a coffee, a week later, a stroll in the park... and each of these moments will lead you to learn just a little bit more than the prior. You'll make progress slowly but surely.

The cosmos also indicate that there's no better time than the present to start talking to a conflictive family member. You'll be open to their words.


And suddenly, a ray of light! All signs indicate that you'll be able to overcome challenges if you apply yourself adequately without losing sight of your weaknesses.

On your future's horizon, a sign shows that you could suddenly see the light, causing certain repercussions wherever you go. This could be related to a successful business.

After you start feeling like you're the king or queen of the world, you could end up getting impatient. Impatience will come about because some event will happen, and you won't want to wait long enough to let nature take its course.


You'll feel tense throughout the day due to your unstoppable impulses... You'll be more lively than ever, but this is what will lead you to make bad decisions. Restlessness doesn't sit well with you.

Drink an herbal tea, do whatever you need to do in order to slow down your mind. Calm yourself down. Avoid going overboard or being imprudent.

Rushing things is never good, you risk getting into an accident, or causing one, Libra.

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