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If you want to win a Libra man’s heart, play hard to get. | Magic Horoscope

If you are reading this is because you are interested in finding out how to make a Libra man fall in love with you. So, you have to know that, as an air sign, his mind needs to be stimulated. You must work hard, because not everyone meets his expectations, but there are things he cannot resist. Find them out and use them as a tool to seduce him.

How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love with You?

As he is an air sign, the key is to catch his attention and manage to keep it long enough to get to his busy mind. The way to make a Libra man fall in love with you requires strategy, observation and preparation. If you are willing to face the challenge, you should take into account the following tips.

5 Tips to Win a Libra Man’s Heart

It will not be easy, but if you manage to do it, be sure that from the beginning you will be his ideal woman.

1. Feed His Appetite for Beauty

Let’s begin with one of his most iconic features, one that can become an ally when it comes to winning a Libra man’s heart. It is known that this zodiac sign is particularly sensitive to beauty. He cannot resist what is beautiful, so when he finds a woman who is both elegant and attractive, he will not be able to take his eyes off her.

While it is true that this condition may seem an obstacle as it turns out to be a little exclusive for those who do not possess a great physical beauty (although you were warned that not everybody can catch the attention of this zodiac sign), being able to find a way to show yourself both elegant and sensual will add points to your favour.

So, discover your own sense of balance in this aspect and keep on reading the rest of the tips to carry out your staging of seduction. 

2. Take Communication to Another Level

When it comes to the Scales of Justice of the zodiac, conversation is a key element. So, if you manage to master this art, you will know how to win a Libra man’s heart, since he is not interested in ordinary people that do not pique his curiosity or are not able to hold his attention during hours of stimulating talk. If you want to seduce this zodiac sign, make sure you get your communicative skills ready, because you will need them in order to catch and hold his attention.

It is not a question of overwhelming him with information, but rather of expressing your ideas appealingly.

3. Stimulate His Mind Wittily

Beside your ability to communicate, you should also develop the skill of stimulating his mind wittily. If you wonder how to use this skill in your favour and so, win a Libra man’s heart, you should try to sweet-talk him, but do not be predictable. Use humour when provoking him and put his brain to work so he becomes interested in following the thread of your conversation as Theseus was guided by Ariadne through the labyrinth.

When you walk away, leave him thinking of you with a smile on his face. Maybe the key to make him long for you is to drop a last remark that both insinuates your intentions and conceals them by introducing another subject of conversation. 

4. Always Busy? Make Sure You Have a Space on His Calendar

Since this is a very sociable zodiac sign, it may be a little difficult to find a space on his calendar. But you will need it if you want to become someone special to him, because this is one of the zodiac signs with more social commitments of the whole horoscope.

So, remember that if you want to know how to make a Libra man fall in love with you, apart from keeping in mind the other suggested tips, you must find the ideal time to make an entrance and show off your charm of seduction. Otherwise, the lack of opportunity would reduce to nothing all your other attempts.

5. Play Hard to Get and Make Him Addicted to You

Once you have caught his attention, you should not just let things flow. Definitely not. When it comes to winning a Libra man’s heart, you cannot rely on simple things that run smoothly, because this would not be productive to his interest, which he would lose easily.

If your intention is to be unforgettable, remember that he should not believe that he won you over, he must understand that he has to attract your interest too.

Remember: the Key to Seduce a Libra Man is…

Probably, by now, you are preparing an outline of how to make a Libra man fall in love with you, so you should set it with some key points about him.

You should feed his sensitivity to beauty with an appearance that is both attractive and elegant. There is no need to be flashy. In fact, it is better to choose the elegance of simplicity while showing off your strengths. In order to feed his inquiring mind, remember to show off your communicative skills so that the time spent with you leaves him with a smile on his face and willing to see you again.

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