Your Libra Horoscope for December 1

Your Libra prediction for Sunday, 1 December 2019
Libra horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope

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Libras’ horoscope for the first day of December foresees a very particular moment in their lives. You’ll give lots of importance to materialism, leaving love in the background.

This means that if you’re single, you’ll be looking for someone that can offer you material well-being more than affection. You’ll measure the success of your conquests according to your lover’s social status.

On the other hand, your sexual magnetism will also be strong today. Therefore, you’ll be looking for someone who does not only attract you sexually but also has a good salary. Reflect on your priorities and things that make you truly happy.

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As far as your economy is concerned, your horoscope for today predicts that it’s time to reap what has been sown. All the work, effort and additional responsibilities of the last two years are beginning to bear fruit.

In terms of work, you should learn to delegate your tasks. Do your best and keep up the pace, but without exceeding your strength. Keep your focus on the keys of your life and leave superficial issues aside.

You'll have to make important decisions to restructure your work schedules and make them more compatible with your personal life.


Today’s prediction for Libras regarding health warns them of adverse planetary alignments in this aspect of their life. You should take better care of yourself and get a massage or go for a relaxation session.

On an emotional level, you’ll have to solve some issues regarding your family. These problems are nothing more than situations that remained hidden and now come to light to be transformed.

You may also argue with a sibling or friend. These small personal dramas will affect your mood; try to stay calm so as not to make things worse.