Libra, your love life will be quite stable this Monday. The relationship with your partner will be pleasant and smooth. Try to be a little more flexible and opt for giving and receiving when it comes to family matters.

Some Libras will get on with their search for alliances within their marriage.

The singles of the signs may not find their ideal partner for the time being. You’ll have to be patient. It’s better to wait for true love than get involved in any relationship that won’t bring you anything positive.

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Your financial forecast says that this is the right time to increase your savings. They can be a great help to you and your family, especially in the future. You can also make some strategic investments now to address your future needs.

When it comes to work, you may get new opportunities via your friends and their contacts. Some of you may have to move to a new workplace, and others will have to face problems with their superiors.

Libra, you have to try to adapt to your colleagues and bosses for your own good. Those looking for a job may find one near the place they live.


As far as your health is concerned, the loss of energy will weaken you both physically and mentally. Don't ignore even minor problems and address them immediately.

On the other hand, eating generous amounts of green vegetables will help you feel fit and active. If you focus on your diet and rest properly, you'll be fine.

Finally, Libra, Magic Horoscope reminds you that everything is temporary, so if you feel that you are not at your best, you should know that this situation will soon change. Just be patient and accept things as they are.