This month, Jupiter's presence in sextile with Neptune will help you to keep a sense of proportion and have in mind your spiritual values in the search of your personal goals regarding love.

Although you want the best for you when it comes to your relationships, you won’t forget about the needs of those around you. You’ll be able to establish the exact point so that both parties can win.

As far as single Libras are concerned, it’s time to connect with people from very different backgrounds and learn from their perspective, broaden your experiences and open your mind. This is the only way to find true love.

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As for your economic prediction, the stars foresee that today’s events will lead you to consider a serious savings plan. You can no longer manage your finances in such a careless way.

At work, you’ll notice that you’re not sticking to your schedule. Power struggles will prevent you from focusing on your ultimate goal. However, Jupiter will help you to improve your work life and encourage you to take further steps.

It’s time to embrace a deep-seated ambition that you didn’t know you had until now. Don't hesitate and get started.


When it comes to health, the stars predict that planetary transits will help you find time to detoxify your body, relax and enjoy yourself. They’ll also remind you of the importance to nurture your spirit and imagination doing things you like.

You’re at the right time to find deeper meaning and define your personal goals through personal work and family initiatives. You’ll feel more valued, which will inspire you to take better care of yourself.

Finally, Libra, you’ll make an effort to improve your emotional and family life. You’ll make some beneficial and powerful renewals regarding your physical and emotional health.