Libra horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Libra, your horoscope for today suggests you’re careful with the way you speak, as you may give an impression of an inconsiderate person. When dealing with your loved ones, pay special attention to your words and actions.

Libras who are in a relationship will have to be careful not to hurt their loved one today. Your overconfidence could make you look cold and heartless in the eyes of those around you.

Single Libras will be open to meet and interact with new people. You may get involved in more than one love affair, but you will put your personal freedom above them all.

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When it comes to your finances, your horoscope foresees a monetary flow coming towards you. With your capacity to manage money rationally and luck on your side, nothing will stop you from reaching economic abundance.

As far as your work is concerned, today you’ll be able to solve problems and issues that others couldn’t deal with. Your way of handling things safely and practically will impress those around you.

It’s a good moment for those Libras whose work requires concentration and mental capacity. Planetary influence will increase these abilities in you these days.


In terms of health, the stars predict that you may have a dental problem. You’ll have to pay a visit to a dentist to treat a toothache or an infection. It may also be related to your palate.  

When it comes to emotions, today you’ll feel trapped in a mixture of frustration and decision. On one hand, you’ll feel very self-confident; and on the other, there’ll be something upsetting you.

Libra, remember that in order to feel balanced, you have to accept your emotions first. This is the only way to find stability. Don’t fight yourself.