Libra horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


When it comes to your heart matters, this Monday the starts predict that Libras will feel much closer to their partner. Your conciliatory attitude will help you create more harmony and complicity in the relationships with your loved ones.

The influence of Venus on your sign will make you feel more attractive and at the same time open to adventures and novelties. Your partner will definitely notice it and react positively to your charm.

Libras that are single will have many opportunities to enjoy sexual encounters this week. Today it’s very likely that you’ll meet someone who will be willing to give everything you’re asking for.

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As far as your economy is concerned, today’s prediction shows that you’ll know how to value everything you have. You’ll be able to manage your money well taking into account your real needs.

On the other hand, in terms of work, the influence of Mars on your sign will make you hyperactive. You’ll be able to do whatever you set out to, and you'll even have the strength to help your colleagues.

Today is also a good day for Libras who feel compelled to invest their resources in a business that promises to be profitable for them. If you get proper advice, nothing will prevent you from making a profit.


When it comes to your health, today’s horoscope promises that you’ll feel very energetic and full of vitality. However, you have to watch your diet. If you’re overweight, make sure you start solving this problem.

The stars also speak of a possible change of address. It may affect you emotionally but it’s something you have to do for your family and their well-being.

Finally, Libra, today your most positive side will come to light. All you have to do is enjoy this day feeling energetic and motivated in everything you do.