Your Libra Horoscope for November 27

Your Libra prediction for Wednesday, 27 November 2019
Libra horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope

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Libra, your horoscope for this Wednesday regarding love predicts that your loved ones and you will have very different views. These differences don’t have to distance you as long as you respect each other.

If you’re in a relationship, today you’ll disagree with your partner about an important family issue. Libra, sometimes it’s best not to brood on the same thing and wait for things to calm down so you can come to an agreement.

If you’re single, the astrological influences today will push you into a little chaos. Don't get lost in your contradictory ideas about love and give yourself a chance to flow with life.

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When it comes to your finances, your horoscope foresees a person who will turn up in your life to help you economically. It may be a distant relative or a complete stranger that you’ll become great friends with.

At work, your agenda will be overflown with tasks. Don’t let it overwhelm you and do one thing at a time, just as you’re expected to. This way your superiors won’t have anything to blame you for.

If you work on your own, today your criteria will probably be your best guide to decide the direction that will mark your future business path. Listen to the advice you’re given but don’t let anyone influence you.


Your health will still be good today. This week you’ll be in good shape. Those of you who aren’t following a healthy lifestyle should work on their diet, exercise and rest.

As far as your emotions are concerned, these days astral influences will make you aware of the issues that were hidden deep in your subconsciousness. Don’t be afraid; it’s a part of your evolution.

If you look inside yourself with love, sincerity and honesty, this apparently confusing stage will actually be very clarifying.