Libra, your horoscope for this Monday predicts the following: if you want happiness to smile at you, you’ll have to work hard on your independence. You must stop smothering your partner with your requests.

On the other hand, when it comes to your intimate life, giving and receiving pleasure is guaranteed, because the influence of Venus in your 7th house will lead you to very rewarding experiences. However, in order to enjoy them, you’ll have to break down the wall that you have built between you and your partner.

The singles of the sign will feel an uncontrollable desire to go back to their past. Be careful, as this nostalgia for your past relationships could have a negative effect on your present.

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When it comes to your economic forecast, you’ll have to face some conflicting situations if you want to achieve good economic results. In order to overcome these obstacles, you’ll have to be very precise. 

As far as your work is concerned, the stars predict that those Libras whose work has to do with electronics or computers will be benefited today. You’ll have a lot of possibilities to increase your income.

Smooth communication with your partners and colleagues will create optimal conditions for you to achieve important results. The time is right; all you have to do is be more collaborative.


In terms of health, your horoscope predicts that some contradictory and confusing ideas may lead you to a certain psychophysical imbalance. If you work on your trust and intelligence, your health will improve considerably.

On the other hand, if you want to find the harmony you always seek, you’ll have to remember how important physical activity is. Venus and Mars are in adverse signs to Libra, so you’ll have to work on your well-being.

Finally, keep in mind that too much mental work will eventually wear you out. Try to prevent this damage with moderate and constant physical activity. Taking care of your health is really not that hard, so get on with it!