Libra horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope



Libra, your horoscope for today predicts the arrival of temporary tensions. When it comes to your feelings, you’ll have to face ups and downs, moments of oppression and moments of fullness. Some obstacles that have to do with other aspects of your life may hinder the progress of your relationships.

Libras who have a partner shouldn’t get surprised if after some moments of plenitude they feel that their relationship has stagnated. If you’re able to adapt to your new situation, it won’t affect your love bond negatively.

Single Libras will feel at their best. You must be in touch with someone you like. At the moment there is no intention to go any further. You’re communicating with someone who likes flirting, so you shouldn’t expect anything deeper.

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Your economy is somewhat unstable. Magic Horoscope recommends you to beware of thefts. Certain things are about to occur. You’ll have to be very patient and careful with people you close deals with.

You’ll triumph at work. You’ll have more power and things are about to change for the better. If you’re working at the moment, you may get promoted.

For those who are looking for a job, an inappropriate conversation will make a difference. The stars foresee a clear change, a signature. Finally, you’ll take the reins of your work life.


When it comes to health, today’s horoscope predicts that Libras who have suffered from poor blood circulation will feel better today. However, you must stick to your new routine. It depends on you how good you’ll feel in the future.

It’s important you build healthy habits and stick to them. Don’t give them up when you have completely recovered.

Finally, regarding your emotions, you’ll keep feeling well. You’ll be in a good mood and you’ll trust yourself. This will help you to feel better emotionally and physically for longer.