Libra, your horoscope for this Friday predicts that overthinking will take over your heart matters. When it comes to love, what really matters is what you feel, not what you think.  

You’ll have to ask yourself what you feel when you’re with that special person and how you see your relationship, etc. Focus on your feelings, not your thoughts.

Whether you’re single or have a partner, you should take a long walk today to clear your mind. After that, listen to your body and pay attention to your feelings, because that's what love is all about.

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Your economic prediction bodes well for stability. There will be no major financial changes and you’ll keep following the same path as you’ve done until now.  

As far as your work is concerned, you should try to be more disciplined and efficient when it comes to your schedules in order to perform all the tasks you have for today. However, don’t forget to have short breaks once in a while; otherwise, you'll run out of strength.

If you’re thinking of setting up your own business, the stars recommend that you listen to your instinct and see what your gut is telling you. It’s essential that you answer some questions first. Is that the business of your dreams? Are you feeling good doing what you’re doing?


Libra, when it comes to your health, your body will ask you for physical activity. Why don’t you try some new sport that you haven't done before? Whatever you decide to do, your body needs action!

Your brain also needs stimulation; therefore, art, reading and anything else that might arouse your interest and intellectual curiosity will be welcome.

However, don’t forget to take some time to rest, so you can regain your strength and make sure you’re in a good mood.