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Libra’s horoscope for today regarding love suggests that you should learn to accept changes. In general your relationship is going smoothly but you’ll have to face something you won’t like and you’d better be ready for it.

Libras who are in a relationship should reconsider their image of an ideal partner. You may be expecting too much and your high expectations don’t let you fully appreciate and enjoy what you have.

Single Libras feel perfectly on their own; however, you’ll be open to new romances and sexual adventures. Love is all around you but you’ll have to be very careful when it comes to deciding what type of relationship you really want.

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Libra, if you've been able to avoid unprofitable or even damaging investments in the past few days, your economy won’t be affected. Your relationship with money right now is pretty balanced.

When it comes to your work, the stars will keep protecting you, and will continue to do so throughout the month of November. Your career may take off and you’ll get the position you want.

On the other hand, those Libras who are looking for a job will surely find it. It may be something different from what you’ve expected. You may even have to move, but it's an opportunity you can’t miss.


As far as your health is concerned, today's horoscope predicts the risk of contracting respiratory viruses. Try to strengthen your immune system with a healthy and balanced diet. Watch your gut flora, which is an important regulator of health.

Regarding your emotions, you’ll feel quite well today; however, if you notice that at some point you need to free yourself from something that is making you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, it’s time you dived into the depths of you.

Remember that taking care of your mind and emotions is as important as looking after your body. Although everything looks fine on the surface, pay attention to those little waves of dissatisfaction that sometimes run through you.