Libra, your prediction regarding love says that this Sunday the Sun and Mercury in your 5th House will help you express your energy through love. You’ll have fun enjoying your hobbies and doing everything you like.

When it comes to your family, relationships with children will also be benefited. Spending time with your closest ones will help energy run smoothly. Mercury will encourage dialogue, exchange, and communication.

Single Libras will also notice this positive influence of the stars in their life. You’ll be more willing to exchange opinions and participate in social activities; therefore, you’ll have more possibilities to meet someone like-minded.

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As far as your finances are concerned, the presence of Mars in your 8th House will definitely affect material matters. It’ll give you a great impetus to take care of your economic issues that have to do with banks and other institutions.

In terms of work, the Sun and Mercury passing your 6th House will help you to carry out your work tasks and benefit the relationship with your colleagues. You’ll achieve what you want easily.

The only thing you have to do is take advantage of the energy that planetary alignment will bring you. You’ll feel more determined and willing to defend your merits.


In relation to health, the stars predict that today you’ll wake up feeling full of energy and vitality. This will boost your mood, so you’ll be more willing to participate in recreational and social activities.

You’ll spread your good vibes around you, so your loved ones will be delighted to receive your attention. It’s a perfect day to spend time with your family or close friends.

Libra, today you’ll feel fulfilled and excited; it’ll be a day for happiness and fun. Everything that makes you feel good is within your reach!