Libra, this Thursday love will be a fundamental aspect of your life, which means that you’ll dedicate most of your free time to take care of your relationships.

Those who are in a relationship will feel the need to create new situations that favour intimacy and romanticism. Passion and sexuality will also be the key to deepen the bond with your partner.

Single Libras will feel very attractive today. The circumstances will benefit you and you’ll have more than one possibility to flirt and spread your charm.

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When it comes to your economy, the stars predict the arrival of a new, more prosperous period. This prosperity will come from external sources, but it’ll also require your participation.

Regarding work, it’ll be a stressful day today. You’ll have to face new challenges, and perhaps work overtime in order to finish a project. At first, it’ll spoil your mood, but in the end, you’ll manage to channel it in a positive way.

Libras who have their own business will also be under a lot of pressure today. If you’re able to deal with stressful situations keeping a level head, your company won’t be affected.


As far as your health is concerned, the stars predict a possible setback. Take special care of your vocal cords and your throat, as you could have problems in this area of your body.

As for your emotions and inner world, you may be in a bad mood today due to working extra hours. However, this feeling will disappear as soon as you get home.

In this sense, it’s important that you feel comfortable and cozy at home, which is your refuge. This includes both material and emotional aspects, especially if you live with other people.