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Libra Astral Horoscope for Friday 10th August by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Friday
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Events that are out of your control will occur. Don't worry: you have to let destiny do its work.

Don't be afraid if feelings that you experienced in the past reappear and turn into the driving force of your life currently. You may feel that you're submerged in a kind of cycle where there's no exit for you to go towards.

A call from an ex-partner will be key when it comes to determining whether your life will move backward or on the other hand, if you choose to keep moving towards the future. In the end, it's your decision, Libra.


It's not a good idea to let yourself be guided by your intuition today since this could bring you to a dead end that could be hard to get out of. There's too much information that you're unaware of for you to trust your instincts.

The cosmos suggest that you exercise caution when it comes to carrying out your plans. Especially if you're not quite sure of what you want on a professional level!

Very soon, stability will come to your professional life. For example, you may sign a job contract or an agreement to continue at your workplace with more security.

You'll achieve this once you set firm goals. Also, this will leave you free to plan your leisure time.


Today, your feelings will occupy your thoughts. And the worst part is that you're not used to this emotional intensity. Libras don't handle drama well.

But sometimes you've just got to stand up and face your feelings. Don't let them affect every part of your life. Otherwise, you'll lose your balance and peace of mind. There's no way to be happy like this!

Cultivate your emotional intelligence. Read books on this topic, try to distract yourself or relativize. There are other ways to handle your emotions.

Fight your tendency to exaggerate, and instead, try to avoid overthinking things.

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