Libra Daily Horoscope |


Your heart beats harder than your mind works, and that means that unconsciously you’re handling love issues from a visceral, emotional and passionate perspective. Excesses can lead to memorable failure, but handling your feelings with caution will be rewarding.

The stars recommend that you don’t pay attention to your friends’ catastrophic predictions. Although they’re not ill-intentioned, they may drastically affect your impulses.

Your honesty will help you face any situation, Libra. If you act sincerely, you’ll be able to find solutions even to the most radical issues. Your maturity will help you avoid traps and enjoy free and passionate love

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Currently you’ve accumulated more stress and work anxiety than ever. Although this Monday you may have to face some distressing situations, you’ll notice that your approach will start to change and you’ll see things from a calmer and quieter perspective.

It’s a perfect moment to free yourself from the weight of urgency. Have a break and analyze every situation. Effort and constancy should always come first. Performing your tasks in a sensible and rational way will make you more organized and firm which will lead you to more self-esteem.

Regarding your finances, your economic slump is coming to an end. Your optimism can beat pessimism, Libra.


Lately you’ve found it hard to fall asleep and it looks like you can’t find a solution. Although insomnia is disappearing, this week you’ll start noticing the consequences of not resting enough.

Your immune system may weaken and you could feel extremely tired due to not sleeping well. However, the stars warn you that oversleeping can also lead to a mental and muscular fatigue.

Sleeping pills are addictive, therefore, in the long-run will cause even more problems. Try to sleep through the night and avoid napping. If you need a supplement, try the herbs.