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Relationships can become very intense today. If people have been avoiding you lately, they may invite you for a drink today to tell you some news that will be difficult to digest.

Accept that other people have their own problems, and that these will inevitably affect you from time to time. Don't give in to catastrophic thoughts and listen carefully to what they have to tell you.  It’s important to show you understand them.

Likewise, when you tell people what you honestly expect from them, you teach others what your position in the world is and how to set limits...

If you’re single, this advice really suits you. At the beginning of the relationship set clear boundaries and don’t let other people impose their limiting views on you.

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The tension regarding your work will continue, and it seems that you won’t have a break for now. You’d better dedicate some time to yourself, even if you’re incredibly busy, for the sake of your mental integrity.

Getting too involved in this dramatic situation at work is dangerous for you.

In order to overcome this situation, the stars recommend that you focus on your daily tasks and keep away from these conflictive people who drain your energy.

Focusing on your talents and abilities can bring you a lot of money in the next few days.


It’s possible to estimate anyone's risk of suffering a heart attack in the next ten years, and, unfortunately, that risk is never zero.Libras are in a delicate position here.

In order to lower your risk, choose good nutrition. A healthy diet is one of the best weapons to fight cardiovascular disease. Get tested regularly, especially from certain age onwards to make sure you won't suffer any unexpected breakdowns.

Aim for a healthy weight, since excess fat triggers biochemical reactions that destabilize body's natural balance and clog the arteries where blood should flow smoothly.